Deskera All-in-One is the business software for all your needs on the cloud.  

You don't have to be an ERP expert or spend months implementing ERP to get all the tools to run your business. You get all the benefits of an ERP without any of the hassles with Deskera. From the get-go, the dashboard is where it all comes together, giving you a real-time view of your business. You can view invoices, receivables, bank balances, and tax calculations, plus check how your sales team is performing and how much revenue they’re raking in. There’s even space to see salary liability, employee attendance, and claims/reimbursements. Deskera has a built-in integration for your Woo-Commerce, Shopify account or amazon account you just need to log in and get started. Deskera has it all front and center, with a winning mobile app that handles every desktop feature with ease.

Deskera Books makes it super simple to manage accounting and inventory for multiple businesses. All you need to do is catalog receipts, invoices, payments, and product sales, while Deskera takes care of compliance and reporting behind the scenes. You can also create and send invoices in no time via your phone or laptop, using an included template from the app or customizing your own. Simply scan your bills, expenses and purchase invoices and they will be recorded automatically. Create and send purchase orders and record goods receipts when the items are delivered to keep an accurate record of inventory stock.

Convert your quotes into invoices with a single click, then auto-include online payment links to get paid right away. Connect your bank account to Deskera and get bank feeds directly into your accounting system. Create rules to automate expense and deposit creation and for bank reconciliation. Track inventory across multiple warehouses or stores. Achieve better inventory turnover ratios and implement JIT inventory methods with built-in backorder and dropship management.

Deskera CRM lets you manage sales and support processes with no hassle. Keep track of your leads gathered from marketing campaigns, then give customers the support they need after converting with the help desk feature. You can also customize and configure your own sales pipeline to make sure all your deals are effectively moving towards closure.

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, Deskera has you covered. You can import email lists or create a new one using existing contacts in the CRM, and then make attractive emails from one of Deskera’s templates to send out ASAP. Schedule campaign launches and track your stats with detailed analytics, including open rates and click-through parameters. You’ll be ready to generate leads, share updates, and dazzle the audience with that shining wit of yours. Create and reuse forms on any webpage. Just select a template, add fields, save the form, and you are set. Segment the leads captured automatically based on which forms they came from, so you have a clean, clear view of all your contacts. Build super-fast, beautiful, responsive landing pages in minutes. Scale fast with aggressive marketing without being constrained by the speed of website development. Build conversion funnels to drive your visitors towards paid conversions, upsells, and cross-sells. Select any of the high-conversion funnel templates, or create one from scratch, to boost your conversion. Build as many funnels as you want.

Deskera People helps you process payroll in no time, with options to set up the payment schedule or reuse pay runs from previous periods. You’ll also get electronic pay stubs and detailed payroll reports, and the tool automatically accounts for unpaid leave and reimbursements, too. Plus, you can quickly configure leave policies, then let employees apply for leave digitally via desktop or mobile — keep track of the leave balance and leave calendar anytime. Reimbursements are as easy as scanning receipts with your phone camera and filing the online claim. From there, you can check individual or company-wide expense reports for pristine bookkeeping. Deskera gives you accounting, inventory, email marketing campaigns, payroll, a CRM, and tons more, all rolled into one value-packed platform.