You create as many prevention tools as possible to keep bad things from happening. You have to put barriers in place. While data theft is not new, protection is still in a nascent state. It is very fragmented. Consumers not only need protection but they need to be educated on how to utilize the service and get the answers to questions when they arise. 

A lot of companies say they do something similar. Much like protecting anything else you own – you want to make sure the company you partner with can do the job. NortonLifeLock is already helping 50 million people. As you have seen, we are the brand leaders. Work with someone you trust and someone that has been there before. 

As cyberthreats evolve, consumers need a single ally for device security, parental controls and online privacy. Navigating today’s digital universe is complex and can leave consumers feeling out of control – with cybercriminals creating malware and phishing, ransomware and viruses, data breaches and unsecure Wi-Fi connections. We help protect you and your family when online with solutions that keep you Cyber Safe.

Device Security – Advanced internet security software with antivirus helps protect your devices and information from online threats like viruses, malware, and phishing. 

Online Privacy – Virtual private networking helps protect your privacy when information is being sent or received over Wi-Fi, wired, or mobile connections.

Home & Family – We help families enjoy connected devices worry-free with solutions like Parental Controls.

Ingram Micro is a NortonLifeLock Authorised Distributor in Singapore.