Nowadays, SaaS productivity tools like Office365, SharePoint, Box etc, are gaining more user adoption. While they offer lots of benefits, they also bring some challenges.

  1. Lack of visibility – no visibility of the activities
  2. Shadow IT – the installation of non-corporate applications or software
  3. Data Leak
  4. Data governance and compliance

With CASB & DLP functionality, organisation not only addresses to the above visibility issues, but also the automation in classifying sensitive data.

CASB address issue such as:

  1. Sensitive information being shared (purposely or unknowingly) through cloud storage and email
  2. Attachment that are being sent or received are being scan for malware protection
  3. Suspicious behaviour like bulk download/upload or sharing of data
  4. Suspicious login attempts to SaaS data
  5. Email forward to untrusted domain or 3rd party domain
  6. Strange user behaviours are also being control where a threat score will be given to users.

Ingram Micro provides you the solution to gain visibility and control of your user and environment and adhering to the compliance policy.

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